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Whale (Orca) Plush Toy - Night Light

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Squeeze me and see my eyes light up. Just enough to see in the dark. 

Eyes turn off after 3 minutes.

Age: 2 yrs +

Dimensions 30cm x 18cm x 20cm

Handmade in China

Meet NightBuddies®, the Doctor-Recommended, Consciously-Created Soft Toy and Night Light in One!

Make bedtime brighter with the all-soft night light toys from Napa Valley Toys USA. Ease children’s nighttime fears and stimulate their creativity with our cute and cuddly characters. Each of our award-winning toys magical illuminations create a feeling of comfort and companionship unlike anyother plush.

NightBuddies®are one-of-a-kind; Napa Valley Toys USA is an independent company creating proprietary products. Every toy of ours is made with love and consciousness, using the highest-quality, planet-friendly, and safest sources.

We foster independence, all of our toys are developed to be child-activated helping to create self esteem and confidence throughout the night. NightBuddies provides aid to children everywhere to help give them more anxiety-free nights and better sleep. NightBuddies create an emotional connection unlike any other plush toy. Our gentle sensory experience provides comfort and companionship. NightBuddies are safe, comforting toys that promote wellness and imagination supporting the M.E.S.H. for children. Mental Emotional Social Health supporting children with skills to feel good and sleep well.

NightBuddies® are safe, comforting toys that promote wellness and imagination. And with our commitment to sourcing recycled materials for our toys and packaging, NightBuddies® are a great choice in every way.