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Tiger Tribe - Handimal - Unicorns

If you are looking for a cool Santa Sack toy then look no further, this finger puppet will have your little one hooked with this imaginative play set...

The Handimal (aka Hand Animal) - Unicorn is a super fun ?ve-piece ?nger puppet set designed to transform your hand into a magical, prancing Unicorn. Perfect to help children create wonderful fun with their imagination . 

The set:

4 x pink legs and a unicorn head made from flexible vinyl and sized perfectly for small hands.

Just pop the puppet pieces onto each ?nger and you’ll be prancing across rainbows in no time.

Handimal puppets help children interact and understand the world. When talking and playing through a puppet, kids ?nd opening up much easier. And by moving and positioning their hands and ?ngers to recreate the movements of the unicorn, our Handimals help children develop ?ne motor skills. 

A fun Santa Sack ?ller or party favour! 

Suitable ages 3+