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Getting Lost - The Hospital Edition

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Designed for children aged 3-12 who are spending time in hospital we’ve taken the fun and craziness of the Getting Lost Game and applied it to a hospital environment.   We’ll have you making a target practice with a cannula, moving in slow motion when you pass something with wheels, crafting, drawing and telling stories, learning the names of bones, finding things in your room, getting your parents, visitors (and maybe the medical team) to do some silly things and making sure that your toy or teddy gets checked out too. Most of the directions can be done from your bed and there are a few in there to make hospitals and the things in them, a little less scary and to help to get to know and have a bit of fun with the medical team too.
We are so very grateful for the inspiration and guidance we’ve had from play specialists, nurses, radiologists, parents with children who are or have been in hospital and organisations supporting children in hospital in crafting this game.
For every Hospital Edition sold we will donate another game to children’s hospitals in Australia and New Zealand – we’ve already kicked things off by donating 500 games to Gabby’s Starlit HOPE to put in their play boxes that go out to New Zealand hospitals. If you work in a children’s hospital and would like to be added to our list to receive some free games please e-mail me at


Recommended Age: 3-12 year olds and their families

Average game time: Play one card, a few cards or play them all (4 hours+)

Stand alone or combine: Stand alone

Activity or directions: Mostly Activities with a few directions