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Getting Lost - Learners Edition

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Unplan your next driving lesson - Grab this pack and a supervising driver, jump in the car, follow the directions and find new places to explore while you learn to drive!

Our Learner Driver Edition will lead you through the tasks you’ll encounter in your driving test - like stop signs, roundabouts, hill starts, multi-lane roads and parallel parking - while leading you on new routes to increase your experience and get your driving hours up!  And because we know you want to have a bit of fun together while learning to drive we've added in a few of the cards you'd expect to see in a Getting Lost game - like head in the direction of a white car, stop for a treat (if your speed is correct!) and we'll get you to decide the all-important "who drives home" question with a running race.

A few other things to consider;

  • Learner drivers are easily fatigued so we recommend keeping games to one hour or less.
  • A supervising driver must be legally allowed to supervise the learner driver (this varies by country and state - please check your local laws to ensure the supervising driver is qualified)
  • The cards are coded for road-confident beginners (at least 10 hours driving on public roads) and advanced learners who are ready for more challenges (like multi lanes and parallel parks)
  • The cards are deliberately stripped back to allow for as fewer distractions as possible for the supervising driver who will be reading the directions to the learner driver
  • The Learner Driver Edition is a tool to get driving hours up, have a little fun and encounter many of the tasks you will see in your driving test.  It does not offer driving advice or road rules.  It should be used in conjunction with driver education.