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Bamboo Grove | Bamboo Nappy Liners


Bamboo Nappy Liners

 Make it easier to change baby and clean soiled nappies while being eco friendly. Bamboo Grove Co's 100% bamboo nappy liners are biodegradable and compostable. They are designed to catch solids, make nappy changes easier and reduce stains. Nappy liners are also essential when using barrier creams, as the barrier creams are designed to repel liquids and will affect the absorbency of cloth nappies.

Liners are easy to use. Simply place a liner inside the nappy and remove and dispose when changing nappies. We are all about reducing environmental waste and it is perfectly fine to rinse wet liners and to reused then a few times before disposing.

Can I flush soiled liners?

The million-dollar question… No one wants to handle poopy nappies and it is appealing to peel and flush soiled liners. Nappy liners fully disintegrate over time, but it takes approximately 10 - 16 days for nappy liners to disintegrate. This means that it can cause blockages, especially in older sewerage pipes. (Ask us, we had a very expensive tree root problem clogging our pipes

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