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Babiators - Screen Savers - Navigators

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NEW PRODUCT - Screen Saver Glasses from the makers of Babiators.

These glasses are designed to protect your children's eyes from over-exposure to electronic or digital screens.

Babiators have used the most popular shape of their sunglasses - the Navigator shape, and teamed it with blue light blocking lenses in designing this fabulous new design. Now screen time will be safer for children and you can rest easy knowing that their eyes are protected. 

The facts: Blocks 55% of Blue Light in their Category 1 lenses which decreases blue light exposure. Now that children are receiving an unusually high exposure to naturally occurring blue light through extended lengths of time on devices, it is important to protect precious young eyes. 

Blue light exposure has been documented to affect sleeping and interferes with children's ability to fall asleep easily. 

Your kids will be the best looking kids and the coolest looking with their blue light saving glasses.