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Tiger Tribe - Magna Fun - Dress Ups

Children will have so much fun with the non-electronic Magna Fun – Dress Ups.

These are classic mix and match puzzles with a modern twist of the magnetic pieces and wonderful artwork for the characters.

Designed to suit little hands, the set comes with 18 illustrated large format magnetic puzzle pieces that are easy to pick up and hold. You can make and match the characters into six classic dress up costumes, including a pirate, fairy, mermaid, witch, lion and robot, shown on the double-sided cards, or mix and match to create your own super fun out?t combinations.

Magna Fun - Dress Ups comes in a compact and innovative carry case incorporating a magnetic back scene designed to fold out and create a mini-theatre to display the magnetic creations. The case is portable (with a built-in handle), perfect for taking with you on visits to the cafe, on road trips and aeroplane ?ights. 

Suitable ages 2+