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The Book of Happiness - Inspirational Book

The book of Happiness is cultivating a life of true contentment and wellbeing, moment to moment. Enduring joy emerges from a wealth of love,gratitude, and connection with the world around us. The Book of Happiness rejoices in the richness of life and the wellspring of abundance found in greeting your days with grace and positivity.

Size: 185 x 185 mm

Hard Cover


Over the last 3 decades we have created and supplied positively inspirational products, we've shared our hearts and encouraged sustainable living. All our products are produced using the most eco-friendly processes where possible.

Affirmations Publishing House is an industry leader in protecting the environment. We believe passing inspirational messages from one person to another creates a positive shift in values, making a better world for us all. Multi-award-winning and proud of it, we are ethical warriors for the global cause to live in natural harmony with our planet. That is our dream.

We have a carbon-neutral business. We use soy-based inks and recycled paper in our products, and we divert all our soft plastics to reuse ethically. Through all stages of production, we reduce, reuse, compost, and recycle.


We're a family-owned business. Our products are lovingly designed in Australia and shipped from our local warehouse. Most of our team live and work in a charismatic, country town called Bellingen, situated on the Mid North Coast of Eastern Australia. This picturesque setting is the ideal environment for Affirmations Publishing House to radiate.