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Sunny Bubby - Wet Bag - POD


Be organised with a Nappy Wet Bag POD. This is the easiest way to keep tidy when out & about with baby.

Outer layer: a double layer of PUL, providing a waterproof & breathable layer to really keep the smells in. 

The bag features a single zip closure & a wrist strap/pram strap/handbag strap which easily opens via a double snap closure.

Suggestions for use:

- Perfect for putting the fresh nappies in for day care

-  Carry fresh or used breast pads & reusable menstrual pads,

- bag for used nappies at Day Care or when out & about with Bub

- carry your phone, snacks, medicines, tissues, coin purse

- pop your nappies, wipes and change mat for all you need at your fingertips.

Print: Hearts

Machine washable up to 60 degrees. The wet bag can be just wiped down inside from day to day & when it needs a good clean it can be added into your main nappy wash. 

These wet bags are ethically handmade overseas so there will be some variation in the PUL print placement between items.