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Baby Ear Muffs - All Blacks - White Band with Black Ear Cups

Black Cups

*NEW DESIGN Headband with Velcro adjustment - now one size fits all from 0 - 18 mths.

Style: White Head Band with Black Ear Cups & All Blacks logo.

These Baby Ear Muffs are a world first patented design - light at 100gms, compact and sturdy. 

Designed in Australia by a Professional Musician Dad so his daughter could join him for rehearsals and concerts.

These baby ear muffs have an elastic headband to disperse the pressure more evenly around the skull. With a 22db noise reduction - these are the world's first smallest ear muffs designed for babies! 

Fantastic to use in a wide variety of events from racing cars, football, music concerts or just settling a baby in a noisy environment, you'll wonder what you did without your Bubs Ear Muffs.

Babies will settle in any noisy situation from Racing Cars, Drags, Loud music concerts, fireworks, sporting events while keeping their hearing protected.
Don't risk your child's hearing with an inferior quality product! We only sell the BEST scientifically tested ear muffs designed for bubs and kids!