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MontiiCo - Sipper Lid + Straw Set 2.0 - Mini / Original


Fits both the Mini and Original MontiiCo water bottles

No tipping, just start sipping!

The straw can be cut to size so it will fit either water bottle

Lid pulls open with the tab so your fingers never need to touch the mouth spout

Just a little FYI:

Purchased a Sipper Lid before? The straw fits any sipper lid, even if you've had one for a while!
We've designed the straw length to our most popular guy - our Original Bottle. You can still use the straw on a Mini bottle, just give him a little trim with a sharp pair of scissors! If you use it on a Mega bottle - you may need to give your bottle a little tip to get that last drop, he can't quite reach the bottom!